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About iCute

Never before in recorded human history has a company stood for convenience,amusement and life esthetic.
That all changed in 1988, with the birth of HSIAO T&D Co., Ltd
At the core of this company is a simple concept aimed at infusing convenience,amusement and life aesthetics,
through the invention of life technologies.

We here at iCute are committed to providing a range of chic and trendy everyday essentials
aimed at improving one's fashion outlook and improving one's inner beauty.
Our team is constantly focused on providing products that enriches humanity through warmth and amusement.

iCute is not only a product it’s a lifestyle, rooted in the concept of balance.
One can only achieve balance through convenience, amusement and life aesthetics.
Anyone who embraces this concept is in fact living the iCute lifestyle.

iCute = Convenience, Amusement and Life Aesthetics